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How to Drive High converting Traffic to CPA Offers

20 Nov 2015

How to Drive High converting Traffic to CPA Offers

In CPA marketing, you can drive multiple kind of traffic on your campaigns but some of the campaigns are subjected to be promoted with a specific kind of traffic and that method is mostly mentioned in it. If you are found in contravention of the terms of the offers, the money you’ve earned from the campaign will be forfeited.


For example, if it was clearly mentioned in the offer details that it has to be promoted with banner advertising and you promoted it with text and pop up ads. It will be treated as an affiliate fraud. In many cases the publisher loses his account and money both.

Ways to Drive Traffic that converts

The best traffic source ever is “organic traffic“. It is highly targeted and the ideal traffic for any campaign. There are two ways to bring organic visitors on your site. First one is Black hat techniques and the second one is called white hat SEO. both are opposite to each other in nature.

Ranking on First page of Google for your keyword and a set of long tail keywords is easy with SEOPressor wordpress on page SEO plugin. But SEOPressor should not be the only SEO plugin in your wordpress. WordPress SEO by Yoast must be there to enhance the on page SEO.

Your website design also matters in your rankings on search engines. For design and lightweight templates, Genesis Framework and Thesis is recommended.

Now, it is easy to get free traffic from Search Engines with getting ranked for keywords with high search volumes per month.

Social media is yet another way to attract audience while socializing with them. One can share links from one’s site on Facebook profile, fanpage and groups. twitter and linkedin are treated as the best social traffic source for CPA offers because the people engaged there are highly professional and serious.

In most of the CPA offers, social traffic is not allowed to generate leads with having your own landing page. So, better having a landing page of your own to drive traffic on it with social media and later to send the visitor to the real landing page.

Email marketing is the third biggest traffic source for CPA and CPI offers. In this, you can try SOLO ads, bulk email sending or buy an email database of the people who maybe interested in your campaign and fire the email in their INBOX. The big thing you need to do is to get a compelling and asking newsletter to send as an offer.

Some offers have a clear mention that email traffic is not allowed to generate leads for this campaign. So, mind this before promoting any of the CPA offer.

What is incentive and non incentive traffic offers

Incentive traffic is a kind of traffic in which the user is already notified that he will get a free ebook, recharge, Review copy or money for completing that offer. This traffic is high converting because some of the revenue is shared with readers by giving them an anticipated consideration for generating your a lead.

Non incentive offers never includes an incentive to be given to the audience. Payout rates on this kind of offers are high in comparison with incentive offers.