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Announcement : We are accepting Publishers worldwide

13 Nov 2015

Announcement : We are accepting Publishers worldwide

Hi all!

accepting afiliates

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for publishers worldwide. We are expanding. So, come and join the tribe of Adeaglemedia with hundred of offers to promote globally.

We are more than happy to announce the features and advantages in becoming an affiliate here:

#1. Our ads are automatically Targeted based on Geo, Device and OS

The campaign will be visible only in the geos where it is subjected to be promoted. For an example, Jack has placed an image banner on his website and the campaign is targeting visitors from United States but that campaign will not be visible if the website in opened in Germany. And more interesting thing is that in place of that unavailable page, A scondary offer will be opened to make our publishers not lose their money.

#2. We provide you with Content Locker and Video Lockers as well

Additional monetization tools are provided to monetize your traffic in style. For your incentive traffic, we have content lockers which can be designed and customized as per your needs and requirements.

#3.  Highest Payouts and Direct campaigns

We believe in mutual prosperity. So, we are working in 90% revenue share model. And that’s the reason why you’ll find the highest payout in the industry along with high quality and converting email and banner creatives. Apart from the creatives we provide, custom creatives can also be used.